Mobile & E-Mail

Small business owners need to build relationships with their clientele. The way this starts is through communication and connections. That is where e-mail and text message (also known as SMS or Short Message Service) marketing comes in.

Connecting to Your Customers Through E-mails and Text Messaging

We have entered the age of mobile where people have entrusted their connection to the world in their mobile devices. And as the technology is improving, the choices get more numerous. Traditional text messaging applications, e-mail, third party messaging, video messaging and disappearing messages are just a few of the ways today’s mobile users are communicating

Different Ways to Connect with Your Customers

We know this can all be confusing, and you want to focus on your business. Educating yourself on the different methods, platforms and techniques can be time consuming and frustrating. At Fourth Circle Enterprises, we can help you navigate through all of this technology, as our owner has 15 years of experience in the mobile communications industry. We can run traditional SMS messaging campaigns, e-mail campaigns, or campaigns on applications like SnapChat, WhatsApp, Kik and CyberDust.

But we don’t just take the time to run your campaign, we partner with you for the best fit for your business as some of these platforms may not fit into your business demographic. We customize our services to meet your needs and explain what we are doing along the way.

We want you to connect with your customers so you can focus on them. To that end we can sit down and create monthly calendars for messages and work with you to promote your business in a way that fits in with your business needs.

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