Social Media

Fourth Circle Enterprises creates custom solutions for your social media and digital marketing needs. We can develop strategies for multiple social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. Whether you choose a simple consultation, our training for your team, platform set up or our content and social profile management services, we will be able to help you grow your organization or business.

Technical Set-Up

A first impression is important. We know this and want you to shine. We can set up any and all of you social media accounts. We have partners that we can work with for graphic design and can create a great, uniformed visual display. But the set up goes beyond posting a logo as a profile picture, we can set up lead forms, YouTube channels, LinkedIn tabs and much more. We’ll help you turn a first impression into an impressive buzz about your company.

Content Creation

TV shows and movies have a lot in common with social media profiles, the best ones get and keep the viewers’ attention. They do this by telling great stories. And that is what content on social media is about. Telling stories. Stories that compel your customers to want to come back for more: more information, more entertainment, more integration, more YOU! Fourth Circle Enterprises knows this and can create the content, everything from Facebook posts to Instagram photos to LinkedIn Blogs that compel your customers to use your business.

Social Profile Management

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest; seven of the most common social platforms. You probably think “Oh well, it’s only 7 posts, I can repeat them”. Unfortunately, for your followers that follow you on multiple platforms this can lead to unfollowing. Not to mention, if you are only posting to post, you are missing the point. Social media is customer service, sales, marketing, public and community relations, creating and influencing trends and much more. At Fourth Circle Enterprises we are skilled at these aspects. We can manage your online presence and allow you to put your valuable time back into what you know best: your business.

Social Media Consulting

Sometimes we all need a hand, but we don’t need someone to do it for us. At Fourth Circle Enterprises, we understand that and we can help by consulting on your current social presence. We will take the time to evaluate each of your accounts and provide our expert advice on shaping and establishing a powerful plan and provide the blueprint to follow that will allow you to take you social presence to the next level and beyond.

Social Media Training

Having an intern post on Facebook or taking a picture and posting it on Instagram and adding a few hashtags is not enough to grow your business, in fact, it could cause irreparable harm. Training your social staff is essential in today’s economy. The classic questions need to be asked and answered for them: “Who? What? Why? When? Where? How? and How Much?”. We know this and we work with you and your staff to unlock the answers to these questions. Traditional marketing rules do not apply in social media. We work with you to help you understand this and show you the right way to market your company in a social world.

For help with Social Media, Local SEO, Mobile & Email Marketing, Reputation Management and much more, contact us today!